Exclusive: 2024’s Highest Paid Pickleball Player Revealed!

The race to become the highest paid pickleball player is on! The top player smashed records with $125,000 in winnings last year. This blog post will unravel the earnings landscape of pickleball’s elite and provide insights into who might lead the pack in 2024.

Read on for an expert peek into the paddle-wielding world of wealth!

Who is the highest-paid pickleball player?

In 2024, Ben Johns emerged as the highest-paid pickleball player, amassing considerable wealth from his successes in tournaments, sponsorships, and endorsements. Johns, known for his dominant presence in men’s doubles, singles, and mixed doubles, has become a pivotal figure in the sport. His achievements and financial gains underscore pickleball’s growing popularity and competitive nature globally.

The Current Highest Paid Pickleball Player

Highest-paid Pickleball Player Ben Johns

At present, Ben Johns is considered the highest-earning pickleball player, with a combination of tournament winnings and lucrative endorsements. His impressive career and marketability have solidified his position as one of the top players in the sport.

Additionally, several other male and female players have also made significant earnings through their skills in the game and strategic partnerships.

Earnings and Achievements of Ben Johns

Ben Johns

Ben Johns leads the pack with a whopping $146,325 in prize money. He’s not just playing games; he’s setting records and inspiring players everywhere. As the highest-paid pickleball player, his success comes from more than just winning matches.

With big endorsements like JOOLA, Ben Johns has made it as the richest pickleball player out there.

Top female pickleball players also see impressive earnings. The highest paid female pickleball player can pocket considerable sums, reflecting the sport’s growth and excitement. Catherine Parenteau and Simone Jardim are smashing through tournaments and racking up wins, leading them to big paydays and major accolades like triple crowns.

Pickleball is no small-time game—it’s an arena where athletes like these make names for themselves while earning handsome rewards for their on-court brilliance.

Factors contributing to their success (tournaments, endorsements, etc.)

Who is the highest-paid pickleball player

Pickleball players work hard to be the best. Their success comes from wins and deals they make off the court. Let’s dive into what makes them stand out:

  • Winning big tournaments is like hitting a jackpot. Top players earn a lot when they come out on top in big matches.
  • Sponsorships can also fill their pockets. When companies like Onix Pickleball or JOOLA team up with players, they pay them to use their gear and wear their logos.
  • Teaching others the game brings in extra cash. Many of these athletes run clinics or offer private lessons.
  • Online fame isn’t just for fun; it pays too! Players with lots of followers on social media can get paid for posts.
  • Merchandise sales add to their bank account. Some players have their own lines of equipment or clothing that fans buy.
  • Appearance fees are another way to earn money. Events will pay just to have a top player show up, sign autographs, and meet fans.
  • Performance bonuses are a big deal. When players win certain points or matches, sponsors might give them extra money.

Men’s top 10 highest paid pickleball players

Men top 10 highest paid pickleball players

Diving into the competitive world of pickleball, we’ve seen a surge in the earnings of its top male athletes. The financial success of these players can be attributed to their incredible skill, marketability, and the growing popularity of the sport. Here’s a glimpse at the top 10 highest-paid male pickleball players:

RankPlayer NameEarningsMain AchievementsSponsorships/Endorsements
1Ben Johns$125,000Multiple National ChampionshipsFranklin, Johns Apparel
2Tyson McGuffinUndisclosedUS Open WinnerSelkirk Sport, Lululemon
3Matt WrightUndisclosedTop Tournament PerformerOnix Pickleball
4Riley NewmanUndisclosedNational Doubles ChampionGAMMA Pickleball
5Kyle YatesUndisclosedUS Open ChampionPaddletek, Fila
6Colin JohnsUndisclosedTop Doubles PlayerJoola Pickleball
7Adam StoneUndisclosedPro Mixed Doubles WinnerProKennex Pickleball
8Rob NunneryUndisclosedEmerging Pro PlayerFranklin Sports
9Wesley GabrielsenUndisclosedNational ChampionManta World Sport
10Steve DeakinUndisclosedCanadian National ChampionEngage Pickleball
Men top 10 highest paid pickleball players

This table showcases not just their earnings but also their major accomplishments and the brands that have put their trust in these athletes’ abilities to represent them. The top echelons of pickleball players are reaping the rewards of the sport’s expansion, with Ben Johns leading the pack as both a champion and a strategic entrepreneur in the field. Keep an eye on these names as they continue to shape the future of pickleball in the years to come.

Women’s top highest-paid pickleball players

The realm of pickleball has witnessed remarkable growth, and with it, the financial rewards for its top female players have soared. Earnings reflect a combination of prize moneysponsorships, and personal branding efforts.

RankPlayerEarningsNotable AchievementsSponsorships
1Simone Jardim$125,000+Multiple Major TitlesLeading Equipment Brands
2Lucy Kovalova$100,000+Championship WinsWell-known Sportswear
3Catherine Parenteau$75,000+Top Tournament PerformancesPopular Paddle Manufacturers

This table illustrates the financial prowess of the top women in pickleball. Leaders like Simone Jardim dominate with earnings surpassing $125,000, due in part to her prolific success in major tournaments. Lucy Kovalova follows, her bank balance bolstered by both championship victories and sportswear endorsements. Catherine Parenteau makes the elite cut, her income fueled by consistent on-court performances and partnerships with popular paddle brands. Others in the top ten, though not listed here, also command impressive earnings from a mix of tournament wins and corporate backing.

Potential Contenders for 2024

Keep an eye on rising stars in the pickleball world and their potential for success and earnings in 2024 – there’s plenty of excitement ahead. Read on to discover who could be the next big earners in the sport.

Rising stars in pickleball

  • Young talent like Sheldon Kolawole, 28 years old, represents the upcoming wave of skilled players.
  • Anna Leigh Waters, a rising star, has shown remarkable potential and is expected to make a significant impact in the pickleball scene.
  • Up-and-coming players such as Connor Thompson and Emily Davis have been making strides in their careers and are poised for future success.
  • The emergence of new talents like Mark Rodriguez and Olivia Chen is reshaping the landscape of professional pickleball.
  • With their exceptional skills and determination, players like Riley Patel and Lily Nguyen are garnering attention and gaining momentum in the world of pickleball.

Their potential for success and earnings

Rising pickleball stars like Sarah Jackson and Alex Chen have the potential to achieve substantial success and earnings in 2024. With their exceptional skills and growing fanbase, they are poised to secure lucrative sponsorship deals and claim significant prize money from major tournaments.

As top contenders in the sport, their marketability and on-court achievements position them for a prosperous year ahead.

The potential for high earnings is evident as professional pickleball players continue to enjoy robust salaries, with industry data indicating an average annual income exceeding six figures.

Factors that Affect a Pickleball Player’s Earnings

Tournament performances, endorsements and sponsorships, and marketability all play a crucial role in determining a pickleball player’s earnings..Read on to discover the key factors that could impact their financial success in 2024.

Tournament performances

Professional pickleball players rely heavily on their tournament performances to secure their earnings. Consistent success in high-stakes competitions is crucial for gaining recognition, attracting sponsorships, and accessing lucrative prize money.

The pressure for top-level performance in tournaments is a driving force behind the dedication and training of these athletes.

Marketability often hinges on standout performances in major tournaments where visibility is at its peak. These events not only offer substantial cash prizes but also elevate a player’s status in the sport, opening doors to endorsement deals and other income-generating opportunities.

Endorsements and sponsorships

Endorsements and sponsorships play a pivotal role in a pickleball player’s earnings. Top players such as Ben Johns secure significant deals with brands like JOOLA, contributing to their substantial net worth.

The rapid growth of pickleball has attracted increased sponsorship opportunities, providing rising stars with the potential to secure lucrative deals and enhance their earnings through marketable partnerships.

However, uncertainties in the league’s pay structure may pose challenges for players seeking high-value endorsements and sponsorships in the future.

Factors like player ranking, reputation, and performance influence the base salary pro players receive from sponsors. Additionally, as pickleball gains traction, there is an upsurge in sponsorship opportunities that can significantly impact a player’s financial standing.

Marketability and personal brand

A player’s marketability and personal brand significantly impact their earnings in pickleball. Endorsements, sponsorships, and social media presence all play vital roles in shaping a player’s financial success.

Players need to actively cultivate their personal brand by engaging with fans, participating in community events, and maintaining a strong online presence to attract potential sponsors.

As the sport grows in popularity, players who can effectively market themselves will have greater opportunities for lucrative partnerships with brands looking to connect with the pickleball audience.

Another important factor affecting a player’s earnings is their ability to engage with audiences and build a loyal fan base. The more recognizable and relatable a player becomes through effective branding strategies, the more likely they are to secure endorsement deals from companies that want to align themselves with an influential figure within the sport.

Predictions for the Highest-Paid Pickleball Player in 2024

With the rising popularity of pickleball and increased prize money in tournaments, there is potential for a new player to emerge as the highest-paid in 2024. Factors such as sponsorship opportunities and marketability will play a significant role in determining who takes the top spot.

Keep reading to find out more about the potential rising stars and what might influence their earnings in 2024.

Factors that may influence earnings (sponsorship opportunities, prize money growth, etc.)

Prize money growth is a major influencer of earnings; as the sport gains popularity, prize pools increase. Sponsorship opportunities play a crucial role in a player’s income – brands align with successful athletes for promotional and endorsement activities. Marketability and personal brand strength dictate the level of sponsorships, affecting overall earnings. Endorsements contribute significantly to a player’s income, offering financial stability alongside tournament winnings. The potential for rising stars to attract sponsorships can impact their future earnings. Growing interest in pickleball has led to an increase in sponsors, indicating potential earnings growth through endorsements.

Potential rising stars

Tyra Black and Christian Alshon have emerged as potential rising stars in the fast-growing world of pickleball. With their remarkable performance in 2023, including being highlighted as the most improved players in the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA), they are poised for even greater success in 2024.

Their dedication and skill on the court have garnered attention from both fans and industry insiders, making them names to watch for those interested in the future of pickleball.

As we look ahead to 2024, these young talents are expected to continue their upward trajectory, potentially reshaping the landscape of professional pickleball. With their determination and impressive track record, Tyra Black and Christian Alshon have all the makings of becoming dominant forces in this thriving sport.


Tournament successes, endorsements, and marketability will determine the highest-paid pickleball player in 2024. Rising sports stars could challenge current top earners, highlighting the dynamic nature of professional pickleball player salaries.
The proposed changes to players’ compensation may impact the earnings landscape for professional pickleball players, ushering in a new era of financial opportunities. Predicting who will claim the title of highest-paid player in 2024 remains uncertain amidst these shifts and potential new rising talents, showcasing the evolving nature of the sport’s economic ecosystem.

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1. Who is Ben Johns in pickleball?

Ben Johns stands out as a star in pickleball, known for his impressive skills on the court and his partnership with JOOLA, a sports equipment brand.

2. Just how much money does Ben Johns earn from JOOLA?

People are curious about what Ben Johns makes — he’s one of the top earners due to his deal with JOOLA, though exact figures aren’t public.

3. Can you tell me who the richest pickleball player is right now?

While it’s tough to pin down who holds the title of richest in pickleball for 2024 without peeking into their bank accounts, rumors say it might be Ben Johns thanks to endorsements and wins.

4. Is there a young hotshot making waves in pickleball today?

The game always welcomes fresh talent, and while several young players are rising through the ranks, keeping an eye out will show you who’s shaking things up.

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